Event: Sustainable Urbanisation

Symposium on Liveable Cities with Shanghai's Counsellors' Office

Cities are growing - in China, Germany and everywhere else. Against the backdrop of population growth, economic and social upheavals and climate change, cities are constantly having to reinvent themselves. There is a danger that social concerns will be ignored. At the invitation of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Shanghai and the Counsellors' Office of the City of Shanghai, about 100 experts from China and Germany discussed on 22 and 23 September 2020 what makes a city worth living in.

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Publication: Social Justice and Trade Unions

Machines replace Humans? Automation and upgrading at car suppliers in South China

What is the actual impact of increased automatisation in the manufacturing sector? This study looks at several automotive supplier firms in South China and their workers in an attempt to find out. While there have not been dramatic job losses so far, and although workers often welcome higher automatisation during the gradual transformation of their workplace, problems emerge that are contributing to an increasingly unbalanced worker-employer relationship. Read more

Publication: Social Justice and Trade Unions

Gender Perspectives on the Future of Work in China

This study is part of the regional project “Gender and the Future of Work in Asia” and assesses the present situation of women in the Chinese labour market and provides an outlook on China’s future industrial development and its prospective impact on women in the world of work. Read more

Event: Society and Politics

Meeting of FES China scholarship holders in Xiamen

Since its initiation in 1982, the scholarship programme has been an important part of FES China’s work, giving scores of senior and junior researchers the opportunity to conduct research in Germany and Europe and helping to establish and strengthen long-lasting personal ties between China and Germany. In October 2019, FES Shanghai arranged the first larger reunion since 2015 in Qingdao.

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Event: Society and Politics

3. German-Sino Conference on Gender Equality and Development: Social Security and Gender Equality

For the third time FES Beijing co-organized a conference for experts on social security and gender equality with China's Women's University. A wide range of topics concerning gender equality had been discussed, including public and social services, compatibility of care-work and profession or maternity insurance.

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Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) is a non-profit organization from Germany. Our aim is to promote social justice, sustainable development and international understanding by fostering communication and cooperation with various local partners. Feel free to browse and find out about our many activities in China. Read more

Society and Politics - Yuicheung Dreamstime.com - Crowded People Living In Rush Photo


Society and Politics

Supporting rule of law and participatory governance.

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Sustainable Growth Model

Shifting towards socially-just, green-dynamic and resilient growth.

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Social Justice and Trade Unions

Promoting social justice and strengthening trade unions.

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Regional and International Affairs

Deepening common understanding on foreign and security policy between China and Germany.

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