Meeting of FES China scholarship holders in Xiamen

Event: Society and Politics

Since its initiation in 1982, the scholarship programme has been an important part of FES China's work, giving scores of senior and junior researchers the opportunity to conduct research in Germany and Europe and helping to establish and strengthen long-lasting personal ties between China and Germany.

Group photo Xiamen

In October 2019, FES Shanghai arranged the first larger reunion since 2015 in Qingdao (see here: link), bringing together Chinese FES scholarship holders with FES staff and external experts in the city of Xiamen. Over the course of one and a half days the participants discussed the challenges of the current domestic and international environments of China, Germany and Europe. Presentations on topics such as current challenges to liberal democracy in Europe, the development of the rule of law in China as well as Sino-German and Sino-European relations elicited many comments and much discussion.

But maybe even more important than the lively debates on current challenges to liberal democracy in Europe or Sino-German and Sino-European relations, the meeting allowed all participants to (re)connect with each other and to strengthen Sino-German ties.

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