Parliament Experts give Introduction about the Rules of Procedure of the German Bundestag

Event: Society and Politics

Dr. Thomas Hadamek and Dr. Michael Schäfer, both working inside the “machine room” of the Bundestag, shared their insights about the functioning of the German Parliament with Chinese scholars and representatives of the National People’s Congress.

On their three day visit to Beijing, the two experts met with representatives of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, as well as with professors and students from the China University of Politics and Law (CUPL) and Tsinghua University. During the highly dense and technical talks, Dr. Hadamek and Dr. Schäfer presented various aspects of the ways the German legislative body operates, ranging from the role, rights and duties of MPs, over parliamentary groups, petitions or voting procedures. Through these exchanges, both sides could deepen their knowledge about each other’s parliamentary procedures. The results of these and other consultations will contribute to draft proposals for the upcoming reform of the rules of procedure of the NPC and its Standing Committee.

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