Social Justice and Trade Unions

Social Justice and Trade Unions - Chen Hui - Eating workers on Expo construction site
Photo: © Chen Hui | Eating workers on Expo construction site

Promoting social justice and strengthening trade unions

Social security systems are an indispensable part of a just society. Comprehensive social security systems help reduce the vulnerability of the population and ensure an equal share of economic growth within the whole society. FES aims at fostering a dialogue between European and Chinese experts about effective, inclusive, sustainable and solidarity-based social security schemes. Thematic and methodical capacity building of relevant social and political stakeholders contributes to the collective development of a sustainable welfare model in China.

Trade unions and FES have common roots in the labour movement and share similar values to establish a socially just society in Germany and worldwide. China’s policy of reform and opening up and its integration into the world economy came along with challenges for its industrial relations. Therefore FES China works together with the All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) and think tanks in order to modernize these relations by protecting workers’ rights and enhancing the capacities of trade unions at all levels, in particular by further enhancing the bilateral dialogue between German and Chinese trade unions.

Event: Social Justice and Trade Unions

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