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Supporting rule of law and participatory governance

Economic development and social progress require a mode of governance based on the rule of law. Furthermore, responsive and accountable governance should allow citizens to participate in the formulation of policies, particularly at the local level. Additionally, by improving efficiency, transparency and predictability of government interventions, citizens gain trust and confidence in state actions.

Germany and China have been engaged in various bilateral dialogue mechanisms on the rule of law and human rights. FES China and its Chinese partner institutions in politics and academia are also committed to exchanging experiences on fostering rule of law and participatory governance in different fields, including the development of human rights, the legal system as well as citizens' participation at the local and provincial level.

Event: Society and Politics

“Financing Public Pensions in Times of Demographic Change: Increasing Retirement Age as Panacea?"

Chinese – European Conference jointly organized by Fudan University, the University of Münster, and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Shanghai.

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